This Site Is Closed, Yo.

Remember last year I wrote something about how I was gonna keep posting and change the name of the site and overhaul it to some big new whatever? Yeahhh, fuck that I gave up on it a while ago. I am too heavily involved in the new blog, run by me and the Mrs. I thought I’d have time to keep this up but turns out I was wrong. Sorry to everyone who comes here searching for weird porn and fetishes. The site will probably stay up physically, but the mapping registration runs out in about a month and I don’t really have any desire to keep the domain running. It’ll revert back to a plain vanilla WordPress blog by then. You can still check out posts, but it will almost certainly not receive any new content, and hotlinks will probably not work anymore either.

If enough people really cared enough and approached me I would consider revamping it like I was planning, but problem here is that everyone coming simply skims through the fetish articles, probably jerks off, and never comes back. That’s not particularly compelling for someone writing. Until then, best of luck deviants. May you find the weird pr0n you were looking for.

Erik S.

Site Overhaul

As mentioned in the last post, Pizza Clubhouse is sorta in limbo right now. No writers besides my humble self, but somehow the site manages to get a great deal of traffic still. I can’t let it just go down in flames like that, can I? Being an overwhelming narcissist, I’d be doing myself a disservice to not continue pursuing my dream of becoming an internet celebrity. Not to mention, I feel like I should be there for all my unwashed brethren seeking out bizarre anime porn since we’ve all been in that crucial situation where you desperately mash “sexy _______ girls” into Google only to have it come up blank.

So I’ve made the decision to strip the site down and keep it down to just Weird Fetish of the Day posts, and whatever other random things I’ve written about. Posts will be infrequent, but I wouldn’t call the blog inactive now that I think of it.

Oh also I’m gonna change the name of it to WTFClubhouse. As always, I need to spam me and my girlfriend’s food blog to all of you, since it gets few hits, and we actually try hard on it, as opposed to this shit pile. So yeah, do me a favor and go read about cereal and cheese and stuff on It’s adorable, I promise.

What’s Up With Pizza Clubhouse?

Greetings, horny internet trolls. It seems as though it’s been several months since the last post here on Pizza Clubhouse. I’m sure you’re wondering where all the pornography and fanfic articles went. Well unfortunately, Pizza Clubhouse is all but defunct. Our authors no longer write articles here, and so there will be few if any new posts. Thanks for all the filthy, filthy traffic you gave us, and best of luck to you to find weird pornography. While I personally will continue to maintain the blog, and may even write a new article or two for Weird Fetish of the Day or Terrifying Pokedex Entries, this blog is not active.


That being said, go check out our new blog, Poor Couple’s Food Guide! It doesn’t have softcore pornography, but it does have lots of shit about delicious food. And it actually has posts about pizza on it, so go fucking figure. Also once in a while there’s posts about using food during sexytime, so that’s kinda like Weird Fetish of the Day, right?


So This Exists…

So apparently, this exists:

A Gundam chick wearing a bikini. Literally.

A sexy Gundam chick wearing a bikini. Literally… a Gundam chick.

Taking the idea of a “Gundam model” to a whole new, much sexier (and more disturbing) level.

So This Exists…

So apparently, this exists:

Basically Rule 34 of Cookie Monster x Staypuft Marshmallow Man

Basically Rule 34 of Cookie Monster x Staypuft Marshmallow Man


I bet all those butthurt DOMA advocates are piiiiissed.

So This Exists…

So apparently, this exists:

Sailor girl with a cat body for ears.

Sailor girl with a cat’s body for ears.

Looks like someone took the idea of “cat ears” a liiiittle too seriously in their artwork.

Weird Fetish of the Day: Heterochromia

Weird Fetish of the Day is a recurring column in which Erik S. dissects various fetishes found in softcore pornography, as well as the possible history, psychology, and following of them. While rarely containing explicit nudity, it is markedly NSFW. Pizza Clubhouse claims no ownership over the images used in Weird Fetish of the Day (as if we’d actually want to).

One thing that’s interesting about fetishes is that generally, GENERALLY, they’re all conditional settings. Most of them are things you can sorta just throw onto anybody, and they’re automatically sexy to someone out there. You think eyepatches are hot? Piece o’ cake, slap an eyepatch on that girl. Does pudding turn you on? Slather that shit on, baby. Most fetishes are like these; they’re really not independent variables exclusive from the rest of whatever’s going on. Basically anyone can take part in them, since you’re simply adding them onto said person. Despite this, there are the random few out there which are totally unique conditions where you just sorta have to be born into said fetish. Like Asian people for example. Lots of guys think Japanese girls are sexy, just because they’re Japanese. Now you can take a white girl, dress her in a sailor student outfit, straighten her hair, and make her slant her eyes with her hands in a delightfully offensive manner, but odds are anyone with the aforementioned Asian fetish will not be into it. It’s sorta like painting an apple orange and trying to make a bad metaphor about apples and oranges. That brings me to today’s Weird Fetish of the Day, an ocular condition known as heterochromia.

And the award for Most Adorable Physical Abnormality goes to...

And the award for Most Adorable Physical Abnormality goes to…

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